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Breathy Voice and you will Practical Regularity: Depicting Intercourse on Danish Girl


It papers examined just how breathy voice and you will practical volume relate to thinking out of sex and you will femininity, as well as how that is represented on film The brand new Danish Girl. The purpose of analysing Brand new Danish Girl were to read the whether or not Eddy Redmayne, exactly who takes on a portion of the profile, a masculine-to-women transgender people, spends breathy sound and you will F0 so you can represent a change during the gender and you may femininity on character. When you’re efficiency were not obvious-clipped, it indicate that Eddy Redount regarding breathiness. The investigation regarding exactly how these phenomena are used from the Danish Girl might provide after that proof of the way the examined phenomena try utilized in actual-existence, but not, it must be acknowledged that Danish Lady suggests simply an effective portrayal out-of exactly how this type of phenomena are used because of the a characteristics and you may for this reason doesn’t necessarily represent exactly how people and you will male-to-people anyone in reality fool around with F0 and breathy sound.


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